Prospective Owners/Builders
If you are considering buying property in Beacon Shores or if you plan to start building soon -- Welcome to our website!  This page is designed to give an idea of what things you need to consider when making a purchase or planning to build.
Beacon Shores Governance
The volunteer Beacon Shores Owners Association (BSOA) manages the community.  The officers and Board members are elected at our annual meeting and operate according to the DECLARATION OF COVENANTS, CONDITIONS, AND RESTRICTIONS.  The owner of each property has one vote in elections, any significant financial decisions and all potential changes to our governing documents.  The Annual dues for each property are $468 for 2023.  The Annual dock fees for interior lots are $525 for 2023.  Click on the links below to see our governing documents.
Plat Maps
Beacon Shores is made up of 118 private properties and 8 community properties.  The community properties include the entrances (2), the Amenity Area/community dock, the beach area and four properties which are not suitable for home building (too small, etc.)  Click on the following links to view the layout.
Build and  Landscape Guidelines/Policies
Beacon Shores does not place significant restrictions of the design and construction of a home.  The primary areas of concern are respect for the neighbors (i.e., property set-backs) and respect for the beauty of the lake (i.e., erosion control, tree/vegetation removal).  In addition, we have minimal limitations on exterior materials used and home size.  Click on the following links to see more detailed information.
Beacon Shores is served by providers of electricity, natural gas, water, internet cable/TV, telephone and newspaper delivery.  We do not have sewer access; each owner must install a septic system.  We are not served by community-wide trash collection; but service can be contracted by individual owners.  Click on the links below to reach our primary providers.
Beacon Shores is in the Keowee area of the School District of Oconee County.  Children living in Beacon Shores would attend the following public schools: The local public colleges and universities include:
If you want more information, please send us your questions using the "Contact Us" link.
Thanks for your interest in Beacon Shores and we hope to have you as new neighbors soon.