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725 Navigator's Point / Lot 115 Seneca, SC 29672


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The lot is almost rectangular, the sides perpendicular to the lake are 280’ and 272’.   Navigators Point frontage is 112’, while the Lutherland border is ~118’.    The lot has been professionally cleared of all trees, including all stumps in 2018. It was covered with 8-10 inches of mulch for erosion control along with a silt fence. The property is the highest point on the peninsula which we like because all water ran away from the property and nothing drained across or towards our lot.   The Navigators Pt end is at 872’ elevation and the Lutherland border at 850’.    The center of the homesite would be at an elevation of ~861’, which is 65’ above the lake level at 796’.

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Posted On: Mar 31, 2021

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Lee Gauthier

(410) 440-7840